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Who is Donald Trump? Only time will tell if he will get the chance to make “America Great Again” -or is he just another blow-hard, one of so many to grace our airwaves this last century.

He has made some important points, addressing crucial issues that face this country (the USA), but he has also said some really stupid sh-t, like wanting people of the Muslim faith to carry “Special Identification”… well that’s pretty stupid …like making all Jews carry “Special ID”. …Stupid Right? YES. Will doing sh-t like this make America great again? I don’t think so!

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In terms of Trumps so-called “Success” this from USA Today:

A USA Today investigative report found the following about Trump’s model of doing business:

“At least 60 lawsuits, along with hundreds of liens, judgments, and other government filings reviewed by the USA Today Network, document people who have accused Trump and his businesses of failing to pay them for their work. Among them: a dishwasher in Florida. A glass company in New Jersey. A carpet company. A plumber. Painters. Forty-eight waiters. Dozens of bartenders and other hourly workers at his resorts and clubs, coast to coast. Real estate brokers who sold his properties. And, ironically, several law firms that once represented him in these suits and others.”

So… not much of a choice again this time around, but hay this is The United States of America in the 21st century; one needs to lower their expectations considerably -if one is to walk around without shaking his or her head in disgust all day.

Though, one can and should revert to this remark by Camus for some solace: “At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man [or women] in the face.” Considering Camus said this over 70 years ago, the world doesn’t seem to have changed very much since; as I’m constantly reminded, while being struck constantly in the face with the absurdity of it ALL.


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