I’m Stupid -I’m voting for Hillery!


So WHAT if she’s a Financial Fraudster -and a War Criminal -has compromised government security laws -was an absolute foreign policy disaster as Secretary of State, and is a devout liar to boot! WHO CARES! …She’ll be the FIRST WOMAN president!

Wow, we just had our *FIRST BLACK president, and look how great he was -now it’s time for the FIRST WOMEN president! SO who cares what she is -she’s a SHE! YEA!

Next Time around maybe we’ll get to elect the FIRST MONKEY president …aren’t you excited, I can’t wait!

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* The point I’m trying to make here is, why not elect the FIRST GOOD President, (in a long time) -NOT an ex CIA-NWO Freak (Bush senior), NOT a womanizing rapist drug dealer (Bill Clinton) -NOT a sociopathic fool (Bush junior) -and NOT a Black president, who happens to be just another lying Sociopath! I mean a GOOD DECENT person. I don’t care if it’s a woman or a man, or what ethnicity or race he or she might be… Just be smart, have a lot of empathy and be strong (brave?) enough to withstand, or even win-over the pressure groups that make being a good public servant impossible these days. Is that too much to ask? Maybe.


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